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Top 5 Emerging Change Management Companies in UK - 2021

The last two years have enforced one hard-to-swallow pill; change is eternal and unforeseen. An invisible virus wreaked havoc in the world, and everyone was forced to shut themselves away from each other. Now, in the post-pandemic era, with businesses trying to get back on their feet, they have come to realize that their previous management processes have become quite redundant.

With the world and its intricacies evolving daily, we must adapt to the ever-changing nature of it all. Companies have begun to adopt new methodologies to revive their business, but it can get quite difficult to adjust to the new changes without adequate guidelines. With such a conundrum being faced by everybody, the only logical solution is to adapt to the present scenario and change the methods of functionality

However, that is easier said than done. Luckily, change management companies aid enterprises in that exact forte. Assisting establishments to embrace successful tactics and change for the better is the purpose of change management companies.

To equip organizations and leaders be equipped with the best arsenal of tools possible, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and other thought leaders from the industry, along with the editorial board of Manage HR, has assessed and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of change Management offering their expertise to the broadest spectrum of the market.

In this edition, we present to you Manage HR’s “Top 5 Emerging Change Management Companies in UK - 2021.”

    Top Emerging Change Management Companies in UK

  • The Go M.A.D. Thinking is a business improvement consultancy that transforms results and enables change by developing leaders and teams to think bigger, better, bolder. Be it a project-bound change management or an enterprise-wide initiative regarding digital transformation and work culture, what makes the company different is that they understand better than most, the people side of change. It provides a 12-step change blueprint when it comes to large-scale change. They can work with an individual focused on change—i.e., changing themselves and being more productive—to managing a team through change. Whether it's a line, a functional team, a project team, or a large-scale organizational change and transformation, Go M.A.D. Thinking can help them all

  • Build Global

    Build Global

    Build Global is a boutique consultancy for Corporates, Small and Medium businesses. From Entrepreneurs, Founders, C-Suite to Leadership Teams, the company partner with clients, so their companies are built to last

  • Change Consult

    Change Consult

    Change Consult provides organizational change consultancy to pioneering corporate executives and APMG change management training to leaders. It helps organisations adopt new system and processes thus helping them achieve their CHANGE VISION! Since its inception, the company’s mission is to shift how corporate executives view organizational change and how they go about implementing it. The company’s APMG accredited courses in change management helps their clients to become certified in the field and learn tactics about how to implement organizational change so they can take their organisations to the next level

  • Change Corp

    Change Corp

    Change corps’ vision is to help transform workplace cultures into thriving spaces where businesses hearts are in their work. The company’s experience and vivacity help businesses develop and nurture a co-creative environment for their team, illuminating underexplored areas and playfully challenging accepted norms. It also focuses on increasing employee engagement, deliver innovation and tangible result fast. The company works on site arm with clients developing team for a collaborative, impartial understanding to quickly deliver tangible changes working with proven modular framework. Since its inception, the company assist business in implementing a set of new digital values and behaviors that will future proof their organisations

  • Skarbek Associates

    Skarbek Associates

    Skarbek Associates has the track record in value creation and they are specialized in assisting organizations to adapt and grow through highly effective strategy implementation. Skarbek track record is in value creation through the enhanced delivery of strategic initiatives and innovation. Working with and for client’s teams, they bring a combination of people with original perspectives, deep sector experience and the tools and techniques to get the job done. The company is honed for their virtual working capabilities through global projects with remote teams. Their clients range from FTSE 100 and global multinationals, top law firms to those at the early stages of their journey. The company looks at problem from first principles and therefore they do not deliver templated solutions

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